The story is set two thousand years ago in Bethel, a fictitious Middle Eastern village. The tale begins with the arrival of a mysterious stranger to a goat herder’s campsite, who captivates a little girl, Alimud with a story about a giant donkey, Aba and of Shamana, the young girl who raises him. Aba grows, surprising everyone, into a mammoth donkey whose height exceeds two meters. He is instilled with supernatural strength and intuitive abilities. Shamana too has the gift of a visionary, which through her vivid dreams, is able to interpret the fates and destinies of others.

In the beginning, the arrival on the scene of the wonderful character, Jesu brings much happiness to them but through an unfortunate series of events he unintentionally becomes the catalyst that tests their friendship and  unique bond.

Aba experiences great despair at his failure to protect the one he loves, which has tragic consequences. Homeless, he wanders the wilderness alone. Aba must find Shamana for only she can heal him.

badge185x185authorWhile wondering the wilderness, it is through Aba’s strong love for his beloved mistress, Shamana that he is able to endure all that he comes to face, to finally find his way back to his original home.

Shamana’s unstinting devotion to Aba would be the powerful antidote which could set him free from his despair.

At last, the tale once again returns to the young Alimud who on receiving a gift from the nomad before he vanishes from the campsite, realises upon opening his gift the true meaning of the nomad’s tale about the golden hearted, gentle giant donkey named, Aba.

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Aba and Shamana: The Story of a Legend Begins