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Shamana's Fruit Compote

Inspired by Shamana and much loved by Josef from the book

Aba and Shamana

Recipe researched by Lauri Valli

Nectarines                8 Large

Plums                       8 Large

Dried apricots          2 and half cups

Dried prunes            2 and half cups

Dried fruit salad      2 and half cups

Star Anise                2 or 3

Cinnamon stick       1 only

Powdered spice     half level teaspoon

Sugar                     1 cup

Honey                    3 tablespoons

*Marsala                  1 cup

*Brandy                   ¼ cup

Place all ingredients in a large saucepan with Star Anise, cinnamon stick, powdered mixed spice cover with water, add sugar, honey, cup of *Marsala,*Brandy, ( *for under 18’s please use nonalcoholic replacement and ask parents for assistance)

On low to medium heat on stove *hotplate (*be sure to have parents supervise if under 18) cook fruit until soft and juice reduced by half.

Remove from saucepan, (have parents assist) strain, reserve the juice in a suitable container.

Place the fruit back in the saucepan gently cook for another 5-10 minutes. Then remove from stove.

Place in a container. The Fruit Compote is now ready to be served with either fresh cream or ice-cream.

Place heaped spoonful’s of the Fruit Compote into a desert cup add some of the reserved juice then top with a good dollop of cream or ice-cream.

As you savour the delicious taste of the Fruit Compote andas all the ingredients come together, to softly explode on your taste buds, you will come to realise why Josef loved Shamana’s Fruit Compote so well!


With love from Lauri

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