Aba and Shamana Reviews



Frances Mott:
Parts of the book that moved me the most – for me it was of course the ending, however I did like the part where Aba left Jesu it was very poignant. Also the resting up and cleansing of Aba’s wounds. All very powerful and beautifully written.
I love the colours on the front page and the illustration is also wonderful.

Antonella Gibson:
I love Cynthia’s storytelling. I just love the way she describes every detail so the picture is alive … I could so imagine reading it to a child every night … it’s an amazing story.

George Linden - book review located at http://www.amazon.com/Aba-Shamana-Story-Legend-Begins-ebook

Debbie Kotaridis:
• The strong bond between Aba and Shamana as soon as Aba was born.
• How protective Aba was of Shamana.
• The development of a very strong friendship between the two families.
• Shamana giving her donkey Aba to Jesu because of her dreams and her pure love for him.
• Aba protecting both Shamana and Jesu always.
• Aba’s sadness when he realised Shamana wasn’t going with him.
• Aba giving his blanket to Jesu on the night he was born.
• Aba moving mountains to try and save Jesu from the soldiers.
• How he found his way home and found Shamana.
• Jesu with Aba’s mother, Jenna, looking down upon Aba and Shamana, very touching
• Also, was impressed how the little girl, Alimud promised to pass the story of Aba, on to the next generations.

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