Aba and Shamana’s World


Shamana is very handy with weaving, fruit preserves and needlework. Please offer any suggestions of cottage based products that would suit the character of Shamana and you may like to see on offer on the site.

Other character’s from the book are also very creative and if there is any product line you would like to see displayed and on offer on this site which was inspired by the character of your choice, please put forward your ideas by adding a comment to this post. Include things like url’s, business name or contact: freedomspiritgreetings@gmail.com

Clue: check out Shamana Inspired Fruit Compote by Lauri Valli under tab: Aba and Shamana’s World!
Also, check out Aba and Shamana inspired products which shows the handicrafts of various artists as inspired by the characters.


  1. What fabulous products to offer in conjunction with your book. Not only a heart-warming book for all ages but small keepsakes to remind us of this amazing story of the bond between a girl and her donkey. This would be a wonderful gift to give or receive.

    • Why thank you Heather. It’s so nice to get your feedback. As a special thank you for visiting my website and posting your lovely comment please email me your details to freedomspiritgreetings@gmail.com so that I can post you a sample of Shamana’s Magic Oil. Best Regards Cynthia

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