Competition Best Aba and Shamana Reviews


Competition for Best Aba and Shamana Review -

There are four (4) prizes for best review of the book Aba and Shamana which consists of specially hand stamped copper bracelets with the book title, Aba and Shamana engraved on the front. Check Aba and Shamana products to view a picture of the copper bracelets by Fireweed Impression Jewellery.

Four lucky readers will each receive this unique prize which they can proudly show off to others along with an exclusive Aba and Shamana poster which will be signed by the author.

To qualify please post a review: On this official site for: Aba and Shamana
Amazon/Goodreads and then contact through official site:

Please ensure your full name and address is included for postage purposes.

Thank you

Cynthia L Floriani


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