Shamana’s Magic Oil

Shamana's Magic Oil

Shamana’s Magic Oil


Shamana’s Magic Oil

Usef and Shamana’s donkey farm is surrounded by luscious olive groves. Through her father Usef’s instructions, Shamana has learned how to use a variety of different plants and their carefully extracted oils to create fragrant healing oils, lotions and creams.

A closely guarded secret recipe handed down by Shamana’s ancestors will be re-created for the benefit of readers enjoyment.

This divine mixture of oils when mixed together have the potential to uplift the user and release a fragrance that can only be termed as ‘Magical’. So it has come to be known as: Shamana’s Magic Oil.


Free for a limited time Month of January 2015 only ten (10) small vials will be made available.

To the lucky wearer please leave a comment in the blog, and share with other readers how ‘Shamana’s Magic Oil’ worked for you and made you feel. Did Magic manifest in your life?

For delivery of the product please be sure to leave contact details at:

Will you be one of the lucky ten (10) readers? Good Luck!


(Disclaimer: This product is intended for marketing and development purposes. It is a fun product. When received it is to be used at reader’s discretion and it is not intended in any way, shape or form to replace conventional medical advice and treatment. This product will be sent out in good faith at no cost to the reader. Thank you.)

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